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El gos

Rocío Corell Escuin

Cofundadora de Habit | Arquitectura Consciente
Colaboradora en Idnais Homes

Alba de Martín López

Cofundadora de Habit | Arquitectura Consciente
Colaboradora en Idnais Homes

Carla Pascual Ballesteros

Carla Pascual

Head of the Architecture Department and Co-founder of Soluciones Técnicas Reales

samuel palanca

Samuel Palanca

Art Director in Photocentric Ltd.


The Dog

Manu Cabrera

Operations Director
Optimus Garden

Payo Pascual

Editor / Graphic design

rosi solanillos

Rosi Solanillos

Rose Solanillos

Natural personal photography.

Àngels Biosca

The Slowear Project

Elena R. Sabater

Una Chica Lista

Commercial representation of independent designers, sustainable fashion and slow fashion brands.

Guillermo Arazo

Guillermo Arazo

Communication EL MOLI LAB

Javier Campos

Creativity & Art Director EL MOLI LAB

Krloos Rivera

Host & Ambassador EL MOLI LAB

Mónica Muñoz

Co-founder & CEO EL MOLI LAB / The Vintees T-Shirts Co.


A Worldwide horse riding experiences. provides worldwide leisure riding holidays for different groups, self development horseback travel and horse team building projects and experiences.

Payo Pascual

Editor / Graphic design

All messages must be presented in a clear, coherent and attractive manner. It is not enough to have a good idea; it must be accompanied by careful editing, a consistent design. That is my passion, that the medium is the message.

soluciones tecnicas reales

Soluciones Técnicas Reales

We offer real architectural and constructive technical solutions, from the project and management to its realization, always with our own staff. 

Orbital Earth Observation Solutions

Orbital EOS provides solutions to environmental challenges in the maritime environment. For this we use satellite images and artificial intelligence techniques. 

rose solanillos

Rose Solanillos


Family and corporate photography.



Professional veterinary consultations online

Find vet clinics near you, read reviews and choose the best veterinary specialist.



B2B Marketplace

FruitsApp is a B2B Marketplace adapted to the fruit and vegetable sector that thanks to Artificial Intelligence helps these companies find the best options for their business in real time and globally.

Optimus Garden

Vertical garden

Optimus Garden is a smart hydroponics garden suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. Its vertical, compact and modular design adapts to any space and enables you to create a unique wall-mounted vertical garden.

Empodera Consultores

We manage information and knowledge in the Third Sector.r

Studies, methodologies and instruments to design, develop and communicate processes, projects and congresses.



Common spaces for change

A space for exchange, debate and networking for the actors of the transition at the local level and muncipalism. Commonspolis invites us to rethink Europe from the citizenship and in our cities and villages.

Mercedes Vidal Cháfer Arquitectura

Architecture Studio

Rehabilitation, energy efficiency, bioconstruction.

The Slowear Project

Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion platform, specialized in communication, promotion and responsible consumption education. Slowear guide of sustainable fashion Spanish brands.

The Vintees T-Shirts Co.

Sustainable fashion

yoga horta nord


Health-Art in Living Hatha Yoga instructor and therapist.